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Recruiting Additional Volunteer Medical, Dental and Mental Healthcare Providers:

Engaging volunteer medical, dental, and mental healthcare providers and strategically recruiting additional volunteer providers was also identified in our needs assessment. Steps are being taken to develop a year-round program to recruit new providers in collaboration with Piedmont Newnan Hospital and the local dental community. The ability to showcase a new dental clinic will attract additional dentists and specialty care providers to volunteer and in turn, allow us to increase the care and services we can provide to patients.  


You Hold the Key…

Our dream of recruiting additional providers would greatly enhance our ability to provide life-saving patient care and improve the overall health of our community. We routinely highlight our volunteer providers in the STRIVE newsletter and on social media.  When you see these providers in the community, will you please take a moment and join us in thanking them for the care they generously provide for our patients?  

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