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One of the eligibility requirements for becoming a Clinic patient is having an annual income at or below 200% the federal poverty level.  Access to reliable transportation is not an option for many of our patients.  Often this lack of reliable transportation requires Clinic and individual provider office appointments to be cancelled or patients no-show at the last minute.  These cancellations compromise our patients’ care and tie up valuable resources that could be used to provide much-needed care for other patients. 

The lack of reliable transportation also impacts our patients’ ability to pick up their prescriptions, and in some cases, diabetic strips, and lancelets, from the Clinic.  At any given time, we have 50-100 prescriptions awaiting pick-up.  Timely delivery of these medical supplies could make a world of difference to our patients and their overall health.

Providing reliable and consistent transportation would require a modest vehicle to transport patients with mobility challenges as well as a fund to maintain the vehicle, a network of volunteer drivers and thoughtful scheduling.  This wrap-around service would be a game-changer for our patients and providers.

You Hold the Key…

Our dream of being able to offer support for patients without reliable transportation to attend medical, dental and mental health appointments and access to medications would be tremendous.  Will you please join us in supporting this effort? 

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